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    Dear Friend,

    That headline on this page may seem ridiculous, but I promise, it’s more than worth it to me to give you $10.00 for a small request. I can explain…

    Trust is such a big thing today, maybe I should say, “lack of trust” instead. From misleading ads, to corporate scandal, to “invented” news stories…you name it! And honest, trusting people have been deceived time and time again.

    So I need to make sure of only one thing;

    That on your recent service call from Lesco, you were treated fairly and we solved your service problem. We always want you to feel that you can trust us for this!

    That’s always #1 with us!

    So please comment on your recent experience with Lesco so we can serve you and others even better in the future. Just complete our survey and click on “submit”.

    We do appreciate your help and look forward to serving you again.


    Michael Marvon

    President, Lesco Plumbing, LLC

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    Keeping ahead of COVID-19

    This rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here at Lesco still remains open servicing customers as an "essential service provider". We have made significant changes to our operations to account for our current situation.