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At Lesco, we thrive on customer satisfaction and are always looking for ways to make a homeowners experience an even better one! We do not believe in pushy salesman tactics nor do we train our technician to sell. We focus on customer service and customer satisfaction, not sales goals.

We have put together a list of most popular and latest items requested by other homeowners in an attempt to provide you with information and ideas to make your life a little easier.

We offer you the opportunity to review our list at your leisure and choose which items you would be interested in learning more about. It would be our pleasure to provide you with an estimate!

Club Membership

Return your comfort system and plumbing system to “factory fresh” condition.

Our membership gives you peace of mind that your heating, cooling and/or plumbing system is fully serviced 2 to 3 times a year or as recommended by your system’s manufacturer.  This will ensure your system(s) are running efficiently and not leaving you with any plumbing, heating or cooling disasters.  Why is this so important you may ask? Well, having your heating or cooling system serviced regularly may cut utility costs up to 10% – 15%. Also, having your system periodically inspected can detect if a failure is imminent. It is much better to be proactive then to fall prey to a preventable emergency situation. Same goes for plumbing; 90% of calls to the office are avoidable emergencies! Not fun! And costs 4 times as much when you have to call your insurance company and pay that deductible.  So we created this program with unbelievable benefits!

Free Priority Service Repair
Price Protection
Free Trip Charge “$50.00 Value”
Free Safety Inspections
Free Extended Warranty (12 Months*)
After Hours Emergency Service
15% Off Parts & Labor (including Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling)

Bonus…… Regularly Scheduled Cleaning and checks can reduce breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills up to 30%.

Bonus…… Reduce risk of breakdowns, maintain safe operation and increase efficiency of plumbing fixtures.


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$89 Trip & Diagnostic Fee. Fee will be waived when we do needed repairs.













Whole House Water Filtration System:
Stop buying expensive water!!  Start enjoying filtered water right from your own tap!

Water softener system: 
Tired of white spots on dishes and shower doors? Tired of hard water stains on your plumbing fixtures? If you only knew what the inside of your water lines look like after years of exposure to hard water! Water softener systems reduce the amount of hard water saving you time and money in the long run while preserving your home’s plumbing systems and fixtures.

Back Up Sump Pumps:
 This unit protects your basement during power outages or main pump failure! It requires no electricity and works directly off municipal water supply.

Hot Water Pump: 
Are you waiting around in the morning for hot water to reach your faucet? You could be wasting an average of 100 gallons a year! Have a hot water pump installed and enjoy instant hot water at all your fixtures! No more waiting around or wasting water!

Frost Free Hose Faucets:
 Never worry about frozen or busted faucets ever again! Frost free hose faucets are a requirement if you live in a climate with cold temperatures in winter. During winter, if there is water remaining in a hose bib and temperatures reach below zero, the water will freeze. Because water expands when it freezes, this can cause serious problems, specifically, a cracked or split pipe that will begin leaking the next time that you turn on the outside spigot. With proper care, frost free hose faucets are backed with a life time warranty!

Pipe Cops:
 This is a system that will detect pipe leaks in your home and automatically shuts the water off to the home preventing flood damage!

Clog Free Toilets:
 Power flush toilets use water pressure to flush and carry a life time clog free warranty. Power flush toilets are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Tankless Water Heater:
Never run out of hot water again and enjoy saving big money with a 92% EFF unit.

 Do you enjoy drinking hot tea or coffee? This system will provide instant hot water straight from the tap! No more waiting for water to boil!

Garbage Disposal: 
No more smelly garbage! Garbage disposals will chop up most leftovers and wash it down the drain!

BBQ gas line: 
Adding a gas line to your grill allows you the freedom of unlimited grilling and never worrying about running out of propane again!

Web Based Thermostat Control: 
Total Connect is perfect for anyone with a smart phone. Total connect allows you to view and change you HVAC system settings (Heat, Cool, Off, Auto, E.M. Heat), view and set temperatures, view outdoor temperature and humidity, access multiple thermostats if the system is zoned, receive temperature and humidity alerts via e-mails. This is a great feature for anyone with a vacation home, investment property or business. Or, just a great investment for homeowners who like to travel but be able to keep an eye on things at home!

Whole House Air Cleaners: 
The EPA warms that indoor air quality (IAQ) as one of the top 5 environmental risks. Airborne contaminants live with you in your home every day. Fortunately, there is a solution: Aprilaire air cleaners! Unlike portable units, the Aprilaire media whole home unit cleans the air in your entire house, removing harmful particles that can cause asthma, allergies and other airborne type illnesses!

Request not listed? 
If you would like an estimate or literature on anything not listed above, please feel to call us or send an e-mail we will gladly provide you with a quote or additional information.

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