With summertime right around the corner, many people are planning their vacations. And with thoughts of fun in the sand, and lazy days lounging underneath a palm tree might be filling your mind, your plumbing is probably the last thing your want to think about. But it shouldn’t be and here why: plumbing disasters often happen while you are out of town. They rarely rsvp, and often have the worst timing, like while you are out of town. If a plumbing disaster strikes while you are away, it could cause a lot of extra damage. Regular plumbing maintenance can help keep plumbing problems at bay, however you should always prepare your plumbing before you go on vacation. Here’s how to get your plumbing for vacation.

get your home ready for vacation
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#1 Turn Off The Water Supply

To get your plumbing ready for vacation you may want to turn off the main water supply to your home if you are going out of town for an extended amount of time. This stops the flow of water into your home. Be sure to open all faucets to drain all of the water out. However, if you are planning on watering your yard while you are away, you may want to shut off the individual water supplies to your appliances and fixtures.

#2 Set Timer For Watering

If you are planning on watering your yard while you are away, you can easily do so with a timer. Be sure the timer is set and working before you go. For best results, set the timer to go off early in the morning. This allows for great saturation, which makes watering more effective, allowing you to cut down on the amount you are watering and save money on your water bill.

get your plumbing ready for vacation
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#3 Check Your Sump Pump

Summer storms can dump a lot of water, which if you aren’t prepared can be devastating. Checking your sump pump should not only be something you do to get your plumbing ready for vacation, but also on a regular basis as part of your routine maintenance. Start by pouring a bucket of water in the crock to make sure it engages. You will also want to check the drainage system for any clogs. A sump pump is an important part of flood prevention. If it isn’t working before you go on vacation you will want to have it fixed or replaced before you head out of town.

#4 Water Supply Lines

Water supply line failure is one of the most common disasters that can strike while you are on vacation. These are the hoses behind your washing machine that connects to the water supply. Over time these hoses can fray and eventually cause a leak, which if it happens while you are on vacation, it can cause a huge mess and leave a lot of damage behind. Check supply hoses for signs or wear and tear and replace if need be before you go on vacation.

#5 Inspect Water Heater

get your plumbing ready for vacation

Your water heater is another thing that could possibly go while on vacation. Your water heater will eventually falter from corrosion and wear and tear. Hopefully this isn’t while you are on vacation. If the tank goes on your water heater while you are out of town, it can cause a lot of damage. So be sure to thoroughly inspect your water heater before you go on vacation. Look for areas of corrosion and weakness, and any leaks or puddles of water. Call your plumber right away if you detect anything out of the ordinary. In addition, if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, you may want to consider lowering the temperature on the thermostat to conserve energy while you are away.

While getting your plumbing ready for vacation is probably the last thing on your mind, it should be done to give you some peace of mind that way you can really enjoy your vacation. Before you go on vacation you should tell a neighbor or close friend or relative that you are planning on going out of town. Have them check on your home while you are away. For more tips on getting your plumbing ready for vacation contact Lesco Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today!

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