Regular service is important for protecting the integrity of most things. You take your car in for regular service right? What if we told you it is just as important to have regular service for your HVAC as well? Regular service for your HVAC is one thing that is often overlooked. In fact many homeowners don’t give much thought to the integral systems of their homes, like their plumbing system or HVAC system, until its too late and there is a problem. This really shouldn’t be the case. Here are five reasons why regular service for your HVAC is a must.

#1 Longevity

The lifespan of your unit is longer when you have regular service for your HVAC. Your furnace or air conditioning unit is after all a machine. All machines have moving parts that need to be cleaned, replaced, lubricated, and looked after. You take your car in for regular oil changes right? Also not quite as frequently, your HVAC will run better and longer with regular service.

#2 Safety

Safety is another reason why regular service for your HVAC is a must. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning are serious threats to ones health that can result in sickness and even death. Its important to make sure that regular service for your HVAC is performed to make sure there are no leaks and not fire hazards. While a gas leak will be accompanied by a sulfuric smell, carbon monoxide often goes undetected. That’s why its a good idea to inspect the fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and change out the batteries on a regular basis.

#3 Prevents Breakdowns

Regular service for your HVAC will help prevent breakdowns. While not all breakdowns can be prevented, most can with regular service. Its important to make sure your HVAC is in tip top shape, especially before heavy usage, like during the coldest months of the year.

#4 Efficiency

Clean machines simply run better and more efficiently. Yet another reason why regular service for your HVAC is so important. Over time debris can buildup that make your HVAC work harder, which isn’t good for your bottom line when it comes to your monthly utilities. Have you HVAC cleaned at least once a year to not only have your HVAC run more efficiently but also cleaner. Its important to make sure that the vents and ducts get regular service as well to protect the air quality of your home. Mold, dust, and other particles can collect in your vents, filters, and ducts overtime and really make you sick!

#5 Maintains Warranty

regular service

Cluster Fix,, 10/16/2016

Another reason why regular service for your HVAC is must is that it protects the warranty you have on your unit. New heating furnaces and air conditioning systems are a big investment. Which makes a warranty particularly important for peace of mind. Failure to perform regular service for you HVAC could affect the warranty. Regular service agreements are a great way to prevent any issues with your warranty and ensure that you unit is always running at optimal levels. Learn more about regular service agreements here.

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